Terms of Use


If You Send Personal and/or Business Information

If you choose to provide us with personal information, private information and/or business information, such as if you send us an e-mail with any such information or communications or attachments, or we collect and store your name or your e-mail address and the content of your communication, information or attachments, in order to consider and, as appropriate, reply to your communication, that information and/or communications and/or attachments shall be deemed to be sent irrevocably and shall be held in the possession of WEB SITE OWNER and/or GAF and/or WIRED FOR WEALTH in perpetuity and may not be returned. We do not ordinarily sell, distribute, or share your e-mail address or personal or business information with any other person, party or entities who are not affiliated with WEBSITE OWNER, GAF or WIRED FOR WEALTH or if applicable not consented to or authorized by you or unless pursuant to a marketing agent, joint venture or other contract or agreement with said other person, party or entity.


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