Gary A. Ferraro

Authority on Lifestyle Investing, Equity Sharing & Fractional Ownership Real Estate Investing

Gary A. Ferraro pioneered the concept of LIFESTYLE INVESTING in Asia and was the founder, creator and CEO of LUXLIFE, which was Hong Kong and Asia’s first true boutique luxury villa portfolio “lifestyle investing” strategies offering both equity, non-equity and leisure-based luxury residential real estate and villa investing and luxury travel concierge services incorporating a new innovative Private Residence Destination Club model – the first of its kind in Asia.


Influential Author

Gary A. Ferraro, is widely regarded globally as a prominent expert, noted international authority, speaker and author and has authored several books, e-books, courses, e-courses, many poems and affirmations and many white papers including Self Empowerment Strategies for Wealth Creation, The 50 Dreamlife Principles, the I CAN CREED, GET BACK UP, ALL I AM IS ALL I NEED, I PROMISE MYSELF, BE STRONG!, BE YOUR HERO, GLOBAL INVESTING SECRETS™ and the WIRED FOR WEALTH™ courses, books, newsletters, events and seminars series. He is the Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the WIRED FOR WEALTH DISPATCH™ daily free newsletter series and the WIRED FOR WEALTH TODAY™ paid subscription newsletter series. He was also formerly the Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of a series of authoritative, specialty newsletters including GLOBAL INVESTING DISPATCH™ and GLOBAL INVESTING TODAY™. Mr. Ferraro is also a frequent writer and editorial contributor to major international business, investment and luxury lifestyle magazines and journals including articles written in HONG KONG TATLER, PRESTIGE, JET-SETTER, MILLIONAIRE ASIA, EUROPEAN CEO, OFFSHORE FINANCIAL CENTERS ANNUAL REPORTS, WORLD FINANCE and ASIA POWER. Mr. Ferraro also performs numerous speaking engagements on lifestyle investing, luxury residential real estate investing, global investing, wealth management, wealth psychology and financial mastery all over the world.


Business Network

Gary A. Ferraro and his companies have maintained a vast, world-wide network of affiliated offices and resources in many major domestic and international financial centers throughout the world to service the needs of their world-wide client base.


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