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Self Empowerment Wealth Strategies

SELF EMPOWERMENT STRATEGIES FOR WEALTH CREATION™ – Affirmations, ‘Oneness’ Poems, Incantations and Visualization Techniques to Help You Achieve Financial Prosperity and Live Your Dreamlife™ is dedicated to, created for and written for the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people, like you, all around the world who continue to quest everyday for financial prosperity, financial freedom, and the peace of mind that it brings in order to achieve their dreams and goals and live what I like to call their “Dreamlife”.

What’s the secret and solution to financial prosperity? It all starts with Psychology, Mind Set and your Mental and Emotional “State”.

And all of that is derived from your internal programming and self talk – both conscious and even more importantly unconscious. In anyone’s’ quest to achieve financial prosperity, wealth mastery and creating a dream life for you and your family, the most important key to it all is your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical “State”. Your “State” determines your destiny. It is essential that you master how to create and maintain a great, peak state to help you propel yourself to financial prosperity and your dreamlife. The many affirmations, “oneness” poems, incantations and visualization techniques discussed in this book will help you to get to and maintain that great state. This book provides a hands-on “state management” and “state optimization” system, a manual and a road map and the needed guidance based on proven principles, practices and neuroscience – not theory. It is focused on education, understanding, immersion, self-assessment, empowerment, action and results using the irrefutable facts and conclusions of neuroscience as part of the basis for that understanding and ultimately the basis for taking the actions and producing the results desired. Read it, apply it and master it – and you will reap the rewards.