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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wired for Wealth™ and Gary A. Ferraro in association with Internet Marketing Success Pro™ Announces the Global Debut of the 2015 E Book Edition of Cashing In On The Net™


Wired for Wealth™


Gary A. Ferraro

in association with

Internet Marketing Success Pro™

Announces the Global Debut of the 2015 E Book Edition of
Cashing In On The Net™


Internet Marketing Success Pro, Wired for Wealth and Gary A. Ferraro are proud to announce the immediate release of the long-awaited global debut of the Cashing In On The Net E Book – 2015.

Cashing In On The Net is an invaluable, life-changing resource book in the Internet Marketing Success Pro Series that teaches you how to achieve internet marketing mastery by learning and using the Right Psychology, Systems, Strategies, Training Courses, Technology Resources, Targeted Marketing Communications and Messages, Mentors, and how to model the habits, strategies and actions of highly effective, successful internet marketers – all of which is crucial in order to help you propel yourself to internet marketing success, making real, sustainable money from it and getting you to your dreamlife. It is based on proven principles, practices, strategies and techniques used by highly effective and successful internet marketers and also using recent, modern neuroscience discoveries to optimize the online marketing strategies.

Cashing In On The Net is dedicated to and written for the millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people, all around the world, who continue to quest everyday for internet marketing success, financial prosperity, financial freedom, and the peace of mind that it brings in order to achieve their dreams and goals and live their “Dreamlife”.

Cashing In On The Net is authored by seasoned entrepreneur, wealth management, wealth mastery and success psychology specialist and peak performance trainer Gary A. Ferraro.

“This book and our resources is designed to help you Understand and Make Sense of It All, Successfully Use It, Master It and most important…How to Successfully Monetize It and Make It Make Money for You – as fast as possible – with as little pain, suffering, overwhelm, wasted time and wasted money as possible” said Gary A. Ferraro, Author, Founder and Creator of Internet Marketing Success Pro and Cashing In On The Net. “This book teaches you how to NOT be a part of the 99% who are struggling or failing with their internet marketing strategies and efforts. Read it, apply it and master it – and you will reap the rewards and be on your way to financial prosperity and your dreamlife” he said.

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ABOUT Internet Marketing Success Pro™

Internet Marketing Success Pro is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind, hands-on educational system designed to lead you to internet marketing success and to teach you the skill sets, resources and psychology needed to: Make Sense Of It All – Master It All – Monetize It All and Make Money (TM). It also teaches the skills and psychology necessary to Stand Out From The Crowd and Get Your Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition by using the right psychology, emotional/mental triggers and online marketing communication messages methods.

The Internet Marketing Success Pro system features principles, tools, training, resources and strategies based on proven internet marketing strategies in combination with neuroscience and psychology.

The Internet Marketing Success Pro system includes Publications and E Book Series; E-Courses Series; Events, Webinars and Seminars; Coaching and Mentoring; the Internet Marketing Mastery Mastermind Group; and Free E-Books.



ABOUT Gary A. Ferraro

Gary A. Ferraro is the author, founder and creator of Cashing In On The Net and Internet Marketing Success Pro. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the wealth mastery, wealth management and success psychology professions and is a peak performance wealth mastery and success psychology coach and trainer.

His mission and driving force he has dedicated his life to is to help the millions of people all over the world to achieve, optimize and sustain Financial Freedom, Prosperity, Wealth Mastery and Emotional Freedom and to ultimately have and live consistently THEIR version of their Dream Life.


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