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Authored by Gary A. Ferraro


We all have rules in our lives.

Some are made by others and imposed on us by outside forces like governments, religions, bosses, family, life partners, business partners.

But the Rules that often hurt us the most are the very ones we made for ourselves and that we DO have control over.

Most people have way too many rules.

And – they are being HURT by those very rules.

Too many rules and it will definitely show up in hurting your finances – and in all aspects of your life.


In order to understand why your rules matter when it comes to financial prosperity, wealth mastery and investing, we have to first understand the meaning and purpose of this word. What exactly does the word ‘rule’ or ‘rules’ mean? Let us have a look at the definition for the word “rule”.


A Rule is a established standard, description or prerequisite for an activity or action. Rules can be either externally or internally imposed – or sometimes both. They define how and what and under what terms and conditions you can or will act. They can be guides to choices or guides to conduct. The can be a moral or religious code. They are a reason to act, feel, believe – or not to. They can be used or implemented individually or in groups or in families, or in societies or even in countries.


Rules are rooted in our current reality – the reality of the world as we know it, see it and where we live. This world has become more and more complex, due to increasing globalization, new communication systems and other technological developments. Rules have followed this trend and have become more and more complex. At the same time we see that there is a limit to the complexity that we can handle – a point where things might get out of control – a point where there are too many rules.


Change Your Rules to Achieve Financial Prosperity.

As you have no doubt realized, there are many ways for you to be happier and more fulfilled in your life. There are also many ways for you to limit – or even sabotage – your ability to achieve happiness, fulfillment and financial prosperity. One of the ways most of us limit our potential for total happiness, fulfillment and financial prosperity is through our rules. We all have them and some of them are not so empowering.

There is one fundamental message that is critical with rules that I want to convey to you. You really need to understand the 3 R’s as they are often called and then use your new understanding of the 3 R’s to make your life and your financial destiny better.

The 3 R’s are:

1) Relationships.

– We must Build and Nurture Great Relationships


2) Rules.

– We must Minimize and/or change our RULES in those relationships


3) Regrets.

– We must Eliminate regrets from having too many rules in our lives.


RULES affect our happiness, fulfillment, relationships and finances in a huge way either positively and negatively. Every disagreement, fight, war, act of terrorism, lawsuit, or other “upset” or “disagreement” between people is due to a difference in their rules. So everything that is an upset between people, religions, countries, cultures, financial systems – and so on is ultimately a series of rules upsets. Just think about it for a minute. What do you argue/disagree about with your spouse/partner, your friends, or your family, or your boss or your colleagues at work or your business partners? Why are there so many lawsuits? Why are there so many business conflicts? Why are there so many religious conflicts? Why are wars started? What instigates acts of terrorism?


Among the most prominent things, it’s all about differing rules and beliefs and opinions between the parties involved. Whether it’s about money, the kids, vacations, fidelity, politics, religion, income, investing, financial systems, business, careers – or anything else for that matter – it comes down to a difference in our rules that ultimately causes the ultimate conflict.


Changing Your Rules.

We all have rules. And the more rules we have, the more likely (and frequently) others will break our rules – because everyone has different rules. In addition, the stricter and more inflexible we are about our rules, the stronger the conflicts we will face when (not if) people break them.

And changing our rules is not easy. Why? Because our rules are very dear to us and part of how we define ourselves and our lives. Many times they are fundamental principles we have created for ourselves, or which were created for us by others, over many, many years – some since the time we were born – which can be very deeply embedded and wired into our psychology. Even more difficult is changing other people’s rules.

In relationships, rules can cause significant arguments – even simple rules. Let’s take a great example. Let’s say one of your rules is that you must always be on time for every appointment, meeting, event, gathering, party or function? Now ask – what is the rule on this topic of your spouse, partner, business partner/colleague, family members, or closest friends? Is it the same or is it that if you’re within 30 minutes of the planned time it’s OK? Or do they not even have a rule related to punctuality? If it’s one of the latter two and your rule is to be punctual, then you will likely (a) feel stressed every time you’re late, and/or (b) be frustrated with or angry with the late person or (c) have an argument with that person about it.

I think you get the picture here.


To reduce or eliminate the “upset” associated with this simple example is a three-part process:

1. You must change the rule to be a flexible “Guideline” instead.

2. You must understand the other persons rule and they must understand yours.

3. Both must communicate about the difference in rules and both must agree to compromise and “to meet half-way” toward the new Guideline.


So, what are your rules? Do you have a lot of them? Perhaps too many of them? Are they different from some of the rules of the people you spend time with or do work or business with? If you are frequently in arguments, disagreement and conflict with these people, chances are you have too many inflexible rules.

So you must either eliminate some of them, or at least change as many of your rules as possible to guidelines. Doing so will improve your life – and your relationships – and your finances – dramatically.


The bottom line is this:

We should all evaluate and challenge our rules. Are some of them not even appropriate or necessary at all or anymore? Are some of them changeable? Can some be eliminated altogether? Then, once this is done, can you discuss this topic with the people you spend time with regularly, especially those people who you seem to fight or have conflict with frequently. If you can relax, change, or eliminate some of your rules, and then get those people you relate to regularly to do the same thing, there is no question your life and your finances will improve significantly.



If you’re going to have financial success and live your dream life – change your inflexible rules – perhaps ALL of your rules – into GUIDELINES…
and you will achieve financial freedom and be truly living your dreamlife.


Transform and Master Your Mind
and you will
Transform and Master Your Finances
and this will
Transform and Master Your Life.




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